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Are you feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, and like you're sometimes falling apart and can't keep up?

Do you wish you could appreciate those fleeting moments, but still gain comfort scrolling social media connecting with other moms' videos?

Have you felt like you're failing yourself and your child because you're just not where you want to be? 

Dr. Christy Matusiak

Mom-Holistic Chiropractor-Author

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There is hope, you don't have to feel stuck... 

  • Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

  • Feeling lonely and disconnected.

  • Living in a daze or depleted state.

  • Googling how to treat illnesses and tantrums.

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You can create a life where YOU are happy and healthy AND your kids are happy and healthy!  

It's possible and there is help to get you there.

Who is Dr. Christy?

As a holistic doctor, and mom to 3 boys, Dr. Christy Matusiak is no stranger to the world of “chaos!”  She has struggled through post partum depression herself along with underactive throid issues while caring for her new baby.  Even her deliveries were a bit "chaotic" when you consider she has delivered 3 babies in 3 different locations...the hospital, at home, and even a CAR!  


Dr. Christy uses her personal and professional perspectives to author the book series “Coordinating the Chaos.”  In the first book, “Coordinating the Chaos – through birth and burnout,” she supports the struggling and overwhelmed post-partum mother and provides holistic tips on maintaining the baby’s health in that first year or two of life!  It's her passion to share forward her guidance and support for women doing the balancing act of it all, while keeping themselves, and their families physically AND emotionally healthy on the journey of life.  Dr. Christy plans to continue the series forward with all the stages of motherhood to keep the holistic tips and tricks coming.  Her words of wisdom come from years of living what she is teaching and from making many of the same mistakes herself.

“I’ve been through all of the insanity…and then some!  I know the struggles firsthand – post-partum depression, feelings of failure, disconnection, and loneliness.  I wished motherhood came with an instruction manual.  So I wrote it!”          -Dr. Christy Matusiak


Through her books and her community, Dr. Christy wants to provide you with...


A relatable doctor, mom, and HUMAN that understands the insanity and stress, and will guide you towards balance.


Encouragement and strength to know that you CAN do this...motherhood is hard, but not impossible.


Natural and tangible tools and strategies to improve your energy, mental clarity, connections, and health.


A judgement-free zone to learn to love, laugh, and grow through the chaos of motherhood. 

What's in your medicine cabinet?

Have you wanted more natural support for yourself and your kids' health needs, but don't know the options?

Get your copy of Dr. Christy's Holistic First Aid Kit essentials for families at any stage.

“My boys are currently 13, 10, and 7 years old.   They have never used Tylenol, or other traditionally recommended medications...And in all of their lives, just ONCE has any of them needed an antibiotic.  This doesn’t mean they haven’t fallen ill…I just have used other holistic tools to support their health, which I provide you here!”                                                   
                                  - Dr. Christy Matusiak

Dr. Christy's Books

Coordinating the Chaos: Through Birth and Burnout


Bringing home a new baby can be overwhelming.  You are tired, anxious, and full of questions.  This book provides resources to help navigate the confusing world of sleep, nutrition, development, and immunity to help you and your baby thrive. Also included are resources for helping you, the mom, stay connected with yourself and your partner.  A must-read for all new moms!

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Book #2 Coming Soon!

Dr. Christy's second book will include tips and tricks to surviving motherhood through toddlerhood, tantrums, and toilets (to age 5ish).  There will be discussions abut self-care support, relationships, food, discipline, potty training, sleep, immune challenges, and play.

From Our Readers

Stefanie R.

"Informative on a variety of topics. Well written. Author is likable because this is not an instruction manual but a reference guide on things to consider when making decisions for you and baby. There is no shaming in this book at all which is most important for parents during the incredibly stressful time of bringing home baby and the years that follow. 

Rachel T.

"I have loved gifting this book!  So great to put with baby shower gifts. 

Abby M.

"I'm just 2 weeks postpartum with my 3rd child and mind-blown by how much I've learned from this book! The info presented helped equip me with the knowledge I need to feel more empowered and to hold a greater sense of agency in my own healing, recovery, and general health.

"We used to have a village of support.  Now we have a village of judgement. That needs to end now."
-Dr. Christy Matusiak

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