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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic medicine has been around since 1895, founded by D.D. Palmer.  He performed the first chiropractic adjustment to help restore one’s hearing after experiencing a trauma.  Chiropractic primarily focuses on detecting and correcting joint misalignments.  After adjusting the appropriate areas, nervous system tone is restored, allowing increased physical flexibility, as well as enhanced organ system function and energy! 

Neuro-emotional Technique

Neuro-emotional technique (NET) uses muscle testing to evaluate the emotional components of health.  It is not counseling, it’s not therapy.  Founded by Scott Walker, DC, NET is the practice of removing the subconscious triggers and stress that the body has stored in response to emotional or mental traumas, whether true or perceived.  Patients often report feeling “lighter” and more emotionally balanced after treatments!     

Homeopathic Bottles

Homeopathic medicine is based on the principle that “like cures like.”  When internally taking a homeopathic remedy, the body assimiliates the substance’s energetic frequency, and can therefore amount an immune response to whatever the issue.  Different than taking an Advil, that simply suppresses the body’s natural inflammatory cascade, homeopathy works with the body to correct the problem from its deepest point of impact.       

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system of diagnosis that uses muscle testing as a functional evaluation of the nervous system.  George Goodheart, DC, founded the system in 1964, and discovered connections between organs/meridians of the body and muscles.  So, in addition to examining structural integrity of each muscle through testing, we are also evaluating organ system function with each test.  Through this method of analysis, we also address the “triad of health,” addressing the structural, chemical, and emotional components of one’s health.      

Total Body Modification

Total Body Modification (TBM) was founded by Victor Frank, DC, and incorporates muscle testing and aims to restore normal and optimal function throughout the body.  I like to think of the spine as the “circuit breaker” of the body.  And depending on the levels of stimulation, and the order in which they are stimulated, we can restore balance to different circuits (liver, sinuses, stomach…etc.).     

Functional Medicine Lab Testing
Filling Out a Medical Form

Functional medicine practice involves reading between the lines of conventional blood tests.  Just because one’s values are within the standard laboratory limits, does not mean one is in optimal health.  It simply indicates the lack of pathology.  Through functional testing, we can often catch imbalances in the body long before they are apparently obvious.  How often does it happen that someone feels fatigue, pain, inflammation and other symptoms?  And their doctor runs some tests and declares everything “normal?”  Too frequently.  This practice allows for a deeper analysis of bloodwork to provide deeper answers.     

Contact Reflex Analysis
Reflexology Therapy

Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) is another system using muscle testing to evaluate reflexes, and energy channels throughout the body.  Founded by Dick Versendaal, DC, this tool tests for nutritional needs, and energy balance, especially optimal heart function.   

Diet/Nutrition Therapy
Diet Salad

Some patients need more attention here than others.  However it is of utmost importance that one gets what they need from their diet.  Lack of appropriate nutrition is, in my experience, the number 1 cause of disease in the US.  Through examination, history and other findings, we determine what changes need to be made in someone’s diet, as well as what/if supplementation is required. 

Lifestyle Coaching/Stress Reduction
Wellness Coach

Through all the systems of analysis I use, I will frequently offer guidance that will support you outside of my office.  I recommend exercise programs, stress relief suggestions, different amounts of sleep/water intake and more as necessary for your personal situation. 

Rehabilitation Therapy
Physical Therapy Session
Hot Stone Massage

Especially for pre/post- surgical cases, rehabilitation is a necessity.  I frequently refer out to qualified Physical Therapists for this work, and those practitioners and I can collaborate on the best care that is suited to bring your musculoskeletal function back to its ideal and balanced state. 

I will refer out to Massage therapists, as well, when required.  And perform a lot of muscular therapy in my office as needed.  Different than a traditional “Swedish” massage, the fascial and muscle release work I do works to facilitate strength.  These points are commonly sore and I treat these areas with caution and respect to each individual’s pain tolerance. 

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