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Saturday, 11.11.2023

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Calling all moms!!

Exhausted?  Burnt out?  Overwhelmed?

Join Dr. Christy for an empowering interactive workshop!

  • Release trauma and past experiences stored in your body that prevent you from peace and joy

  • Acquire skills to be your family's own doctor and confidently treat illnesses/conditions safely and naturally using homeopathy, supplements, and herbs

  • Learn how to muscle test yourself and your kids to enhance your healthcare decisions

  • Connect with like-minded mamas on a similar healing path

    • it takes a village to raise a child!!


Book Dr. Christy

Getting to the "Root" of healing

Your health is created for tomorrow by the things you do today.  Dr Christy is educating people and groups about the impact of holistic and emotional care to get to the root of health concerns and heal from the inside out. 


Topics of expertise

Giving a Speech
  • Impact of stress on your body

  • Health and Nutrition for Adults

  • Health and Nutrition for kids

  • Mental and emotional wellness

  • Importance of proper exercise

  • The adrenal glands and impact on energy 

  • Posture and Ergonomics

  • Hormonal health

  • Weight loss & Chiropractic care

  • Lifestyle choice and your health

True Health can be achieved through Holistic care

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