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Happy New Year! As the holidays are behind us, and we embark upon a new year, I always reflect on my goals and feel fresh with the faith in new beginnings. I love and truly enjoy working with my patients to help them achieve their health, life and spiritual goals. So, at this transitional time, I’d like to encourage you to express some gratitude for the blessings of last year. And look forward while reflecting on your deepest desires for this year!


· I encourage you to spend some time pondering what you really want to accomplish this year. Think through your answers, and make them empowering but realistic. I find goals can be divided into several categories: health, personal, professional, financial, spiritual...etc. Who are you now? Who do you need to become to achieve your plans?

· Writing your goals out also has power. I highly recommend reading, meditating and visualizing with them daily so they become ingrained in your nervous system.


· Goals and aspirations are great. They are what propel us forward in life and work on continuing to improve ourselves. But if you don’t have a compelling “why,” the likelihood of accomplishing them is much lower. You may need to ask “why?” several times before getting to the deepest level of what is going to inspire you.

· Here’s my example…after being in fantastic shape, eating clean for years, and running the Chicago marathon in 2009, I had 3 kids that changed my hormones and my body significantly. I don’t expect to get back to that size again. But I would still like to lose some more weight. Why? I want to wear smaller clothing sizes. Why? I want to feel good in anything I wear. Why? I want to feel confident when I look in the mirror. Why? I want to feel good and strong when working with patients. Why? I want to be able to inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Why? I want to strive to make the world a healthier place.

· Ask why until you can’t go any further. Then, instead of focusing on the initial goal that you can easily talk yourself out of when confronted with a challenge, focus on that truest “why.” And it will help you get there!


I talk a lot about putting the right things in your body to support optimal healing…supplements, food, remedies. But we often forget that what we put in our mind is equally, if not MORE important. I suggest you take a look at what you listen to on a daily basis. Do you listen to the news? What are you accessing daily on social media? Radio? To/with whom do you talk regularly? Are they empowering your spirit or providing a negative influence? I have become very intentional about what I choose to listen to that I hardly turn on the radio anymore. Find a motivational podcast or speaker to listen to. Or develop a playlist of centering music that uplifts you. Get into that unstoppable energy and mindset daily!

Check out my last YouTube video of 2020, focusing on gratitude, and consider subscribing to my channel Dr. Christy Cares. Being deeply thankful is a powerful state, and I believe focusing on that will enrich our lives more than focusing on our challenges. I am passionate about supporting you and your goals…so, if you'd like any guidance on this, feel free to reach out with any questions here!

Dr. Christy Matusiak

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